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Q & A

Are there any plans for new Fisker models?

We are excited about the Karma and truly believe we can launch the Atlantic, Surf and Sunset in the future. The Karma platform allows The New Fisker to develop a lot of variations to address our customer’s desires. With the Atlantic platform we expect the same ability to create different models to address our customer’s wants and desires.

Where will the Fisker Karma be made?

Prior to shutting down, Fisker Automotive Holdings assembled the Karma at Valmet in Finland. The team is working with Valmet to address our current plans and to see if Valmet is the path we should take for future Karma production.

When will production of the Fisker Karma restart?

Chariman Lu Guanqiu, Lu Weiding and Pin Ni have given The New Fisker team direction to restart production of the Karma as fast as possible, while making sure that we only start when we are confident in the quality of cars that we produce. Wanxiang America Corporation is firmly committed to building vehicles we can be proud of manufacturing, and you can be proud to own. As most know, Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc stopped production over a year ago and a lot of good people have left the company and a lot of suppliers have put the production equipment on hold or giving the capacity to other customers. The New Fisker team will take this restart to improve on Karma and give the customers the outstanding experiences they deserve.

Is Fisker going out of business?

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, Case No 13-12087 filed on February 19, 2014 the order authorizing the sale by the Debtors of the Acquired Assets to Wanxiang America Corporations and its specified designees. This order will allow Wanxiang America Corporation to acquire the Assets of Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc and its subsidiaries to restart the company. Practically, the company ended its business and will start fresh. Wanxiang America Corporation assumed limited liabilities from Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc.  Wanxiang America Corporation is excited about this new chapter in Fisker Automotive and look forward to making this the best Automotive Company in the world. We understand many stake holders in the company from the people who bought one of the best looking cars in the world, to the great employees who made the Karma, to the great vendor team that supplied the parts all lost in the Bankruptcy process. While Wanxiang America Corporations understand the pain that may have caused, we assure each stakeholder that our goal is simple – to accomplish that what Henrik Fisker and Barny Koehler set out to accomplish. On the day of closing the sale, that chapter of Fisker Automotive Holdings, Inc will end and the rebirth of The New Fisker will start. Please join us to making this great.

I purchased a Fisker – will my car still be under warranty?

Pursuant to the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware sale order, Wanxiang America Corporation could only assume an agreement that was dictated by another buyer, so Wanxiang America Corporation was not allowed to change the Asset Purchase Agreement. Within the Purchase Agreement, Section 1.10 (i) provides up to $2,000 per each vehicle warrantied (ii) capped at $400,000 in the aggregate. We understand if you are an owner and paid good money for your vehicle, $2,000 is not what you bargained for or expected. Please understand that this provision was part of the court order that Wanxiang America Corporation assumed and accepted. We are already hard at work discussing ways that we can make this a better experience for all current Fisker owners and hope to bring better news to each owner in the near future.

I understand that Fisker bought a plant in Delaware – will you be manufacturing there?

One of the assets acquired was a plant located in Delaware. We are diligently assessing the viability of utilizing that plant as it was originally intended. We are committed to doing what is best for The New Fisker.